Green Hills Software

Green Hills Software Green Hills Software was founded in 1982, is privately held, and has been profitable since its inception. Green Hills Software has averaged nearly 30% per year revenue growth and is now the world's largest independent RTOS company. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom.


Green Hills Software provides a comprehensive set of development tools for ARC® processor-based applications.

MULTI® Integrated Development Environment

  • Source Level Debugger
  • Project Builder
  • Language-Sensitive Text Editor
  • Version Control System
  • Graphical Browser
  • Performance Profiler
  • RTOS EventAnalyzer
  • Remote Target Connection
  • New Project Wizard
  • Target Connection Editor
  • Instruction Set Simulator
  • Cycle Accurate Simulator
  • Graphical Cache Display
  • Instruction Trace

Processor probes

  • Green Hills© probe -- High-performance real-time debugging

Synopsys ARC MetaWare C/C++ Compiler

  • C
  • C++/Embedded C++
  • High C/C++
  • Run-Time Libraries
  • ELF/DWARF object/executable format
ARC-specific Support Details

Green Hills supports the Synopsys ARC 600 and 700 families.

Learn more about how Green Hills and Synopsys work together.