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Synopsys Enables System Design Interoperability with System-Level Catalyst Program

Synopsys launched the System-Level Catalyst Program on June 8, 2009, to accelerate the adoption of standards-based system-level design and verification. It is focused on three key areas: standards-based interoperability for system-level models, verification and embedded software.

This program positions Synopsys as a key-enabler for a System-Level ecosystem. In the past interoperability at the system-level has been a key missing piece of the overall interoperability puzzle. You will benefit from the System-Level Catalyst program by increased tool and model interoperability. Interfaces between the different tools and models are pre-validated so that you will get to results faster.

"The system-level market's growth and our customer's adoption of system-level methodologies has been limited by severe market fragmentation and lack of model and tools interoperability," said George Zafiropoulos, vice president of Solutions Marketing at Synopsys. "With the System-Level Catalyst Program Synopsys is helping open up the system-level market to mainstream adoption, enabling new levels of interoperability."

To that end we have opened the program to other EDA vendors, IP providers such as emsys, Jungo and MCCI, embedded software companies and service providers. There are three categories into which the different System-Level Catalyst members fit into the program: models, embedded software and verification. See what the initial members are saying about the program.

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