GNU Toolchain for DesignWare ARC Processors

Synopsys offers a suite of GNU tools for developers targeting the Linux operating system as well as bare metal systems. The GNU development project uses an open development environment and supports many platforms, including DesignWare® ARC® processor cores. Many developers around the world have come to utilize GNU based tools in C/C++ software development for embedded applications because of their quality, performance, and standard interface across multiple target CPUs. The GNU Toolchain for ARC Processors (ARC GNU Toolchain) sources are available from GitHub. The latest pre-built GNU Toolchain are available here.

Because of the importance of open source tools in embedded software, Synopsys invests in open source projects, such as GNU and the Linux kernel for ARC processor cores. Synopsys ensures there is up-to-date open source GNU tools support for its processors and is continuously updating and optimizing the ARC GNU Toolchain.

The ARC GNU Toolchain offers all of the benefits of open source tools, including complete source code and a large install base. The tools include the GCC compiler and GDB debugger as well many utilities and libraries that make up a complete software toolchain. Because source code for the GNU tool chain is always available, the ARC GNU Toolchain is configurable, allowing customization and expansion of the tools, libraries, debugger, and board support to meet user-specific requirements.

The ARC GNU Toolchain is provided as a source package than can be built to run on the user's host platform.

GNU Toolchain for ARC Processors, 2021.03

GCC v10.2 with ARC patches
  • C and C++ language front ends
  • Support for ARCompact ISA v1 and v2, including ARC 600, ARC 700, ARC EM and ARC HS Processors
  • Support for ARC extension instructions, registers and condition codes
  • Generates application code for standalone or embedded Linux targets
  • Provides compiler intrinsic for low-level instructions and SIMD
GDB v10.1 with ARC patches
  • C/C++ source level debugging
  • Supports JTAG-based debugging of an ARC processor
  • Supports native debug on Linux systems as well as debug with gdbserver of a remote task running under Linux
  • Supports ARC nSIM Instruction Set Simulator for ARC processors
  • Supports Ashling Opella XD JTAG Probe
  • Supports Digilent HSx Programming Cable
Binutils v2.36.1 with ARC patches
  • ARC ISA and ARCompact ISA assembler (all ARC processors)
  • Supports ARC ISA extension instructions, registers and condition codes
Newlib v3.2.0 library with ARC patches
  • Optimized for ARC architecture and ISA
  • Support for newlib-nano for smaller code size
uClibc-ng v1.0.34 & glibc v2.33 libraries
  • Optimized for ARC architecture
  • Support for thread local storage and Native Pthread Library (NPTL)
  • Supports static and dynamically linked libraries
  • Includes dynamic linker


  • Free, complete, open source, tools for ARC processor cores
  • Can be used for bare metal and Linux development
  • Includes IDE compiler, debugger and all needed libraries and utilities