Synopsys eMRAM Compiler IP

Synopsys eMRAM IP is a complete non-volatile memory IP solution that helps designers achieve higher memory capacity with a smaller area footprint and lower power. Synopsys delivers a configurable, fully integrated memory compiler allowing designers to choose the most optimal instance per their needs. Synopsys’ eMRAM solution includes MRAM memory compiler, error correction code (ECC), and memory BIST, thus accelerating the design cycle and allowing faster time to market.

To enhance the reliability and endurance of the eMRAM solution, Synopsys eMRAM provides differentiated features like read-modify-write, write-verify-write, and programmable reference voltage generation. We designed it for automotive applications supporting 150ºC junction temperature.

Synopsys eMRAM IP provides versatile configurations supporting a broad range of application requirements. Automotive, MCU, IoT, space, and AI SoCs can all benefit from eMRAM's low power characteristics, high capacity, radiation immunity, and smaller form factor.

In addition, Synopsys provides a variety of solutions to help accelerate the integration of the high-quality eMRAM, including Synopsys Self-Test and Repair (STAR) Memory System™, Synopsys STAR ECC Compiler IP, and Synopsys Silicon Lifecycle Management Family.

Figure 1: Configurable eMRAM IP provides flexibility for multiple word widths, aspect ratios, and floorplan optimizations

Synopsys Foundation IP for TSMC 22ULL Datasheet


  • Configurable memory compiler solution
  • Configurable ECC features
  • High-performance and low-power solution
  • Differentiated reliability and endurance features
  • Radiation immunity
  • Smaller form factor and better user experience
  • Complete solution