Visidon provides fast and energy-efficient image and video processing technology. Visidon offers software products for automatic image and video quality enhancement, computational imaging, and face recognition. Our algorithms are highly optimized for embedded platforms with low-power and limited memory capacity, and they are applicable, for example, in smartphones, in-car cameras, drone cameras, surveillance, and security cameras. We stand out in the market by delivering the optimal ratio of quality, accuracy, and processing speed. Visidon is now a leading provider of AI-based image and video processing technologies. Visidon solutions can be found in over 1 billion mobile phones. Founded in 2006, our headquarters and R&D are in Oulu, Finland and we have sales and customer service in China and South Korea. To learn more about us, please visit

Products and Services
  • Video Conferencing: Visidon’s depth estimation and bokeh effect are used in video conferencing devices, televisions, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Visidon bokeh solution provides a high-quality gradual blur effect simulating a real DSLR camera aperture effect, unlike typically used binary blurring masks. Our technology can support both stereo and mono camera setups for delivering a top-class video conferencing experience. Algorithms have been optimized for Synopsys ARC® EV architectures offering real-time processing of 4K video.
  • Video Enhancement: Visidon video enhancement technology enables high-quality de-noise and super-resolution for videos. It can be used for real-time camera streams in various use-cases and in addition to process encoded video streams at the edge. Technologies have been optimized for Synopsys ARC processors utilizing neural network accelerator and DSP.
  • Driver Monitoring System (DMS): Visidon’s DMS solutions are built on the Synopsys ARC EV7/6x processors. DMS software offers an automatic, unobtrusive, accurate, and reliable way to observe the distraction and drowsiness of drivers improving safety in today’s vehicles. Visidon technologies track the driver’s behavior with the camera and detect if his attention is distracted or getting too sleepy to drive safely. Visidon’s DMS will also be available on the Synopsys ARC NPX and NPX FS Neural Processing Unit (NPU) IP.

ARC-specific Support Details

Visidon algorithms are executed on high-performance processor architectures like Synopsys ARC EV6/7x Processor IP with tightly integrated deep neural network (DNN) engine. Algorithms utilize both the neural network engine and also the DSP cores.

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