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Configurable and Extensible 32-Bit RISC Processors for Next-Generation SSDs

There is a transition occurring in mass storage used for computers, tablets, games and servers. Traditionally the mass storage used in these devices has been implemented with hard disk drives (HDDs), but this is changing due to the advantages that solid state drives (SSDs) offer. The functionality needed for SSDs is different from that of HDDs and this requires a different approach to the control functions built into the storage device. Typically HDDs were built with dedicated hardware, general purpose processors (GPPs), or digital signal processors (DSPs) as the control element due to the nature of the tasks required. This is changing with SSDs, which require a configurable RISC processor with support for signal processing that can be customized for the desired control functions to maximize performance while minimizing power consumption.

Read this paper to learn about:

  • Processing Requirements of SSDs
  • The Flexibility/Performance Tradeoff
  • Processor Configurability
  • User-Defined Custom Extensions
  • Synopsys ARC Configurable and Extensible Processors

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