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ARC HS4x and HS4xD CPUs: New Dual-Issue Architecture Boosts Embedded Processor Performance (A White Paper from The Linley Group)

Synopsys’s DesignWare ARC CPUs comprise a family of highly configurable and customizable processor cores, which ship in nearly two billion chips per year. ARC’s popularity in embedded devices makes the company second only to ARM in the number of chips that integrate its licensable CPUs. More than 230 ARC licensees use the cores in products that span a broad range of embedded applications, such as automotive control systems, digital-audio devices, sensors, solid-state drives (SSDs), network-attached storage (NAS), and residential gateways.


  1. ARC HS4x Architectural Overview
  2. A More Efficient Pipeline
  3. Boosting DSP
  4. Competitive Comparisons
  5. Summary

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