DesignWare Ultra High-Performance AES-GCM/CTR Core

The proliferation and expansion of connected devices, connectivity infrastructure, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, is driving for increased need of high-grade security that keeps up with the hyper-connected and hyper-speed technology requirements to protect the significant increase in volume of confidential information and critical data.

AES with Galois/Counter Mode (AES-GCM) is a symmetric cryptographic algorithm that provides a scalable authenticated encryption and data integrity and is used in many applications and security protocols.

The DesignWare® Ultra High Performance AES-GCM/CTR Core implements the AES-GCM/CTR algorithm as specified in the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Special Publication 800-38D, “Recommendation for Block Cipher Modes of Operation: Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) and GMAC” to achieve terabit performance required for supercomputing applications. It uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm in counter mode (CTR), and a high-performance MAC algorithm based on Galois Field multiplication with CTR mode encryption, which can be pipelined for high throughput operations.

DesignWare Ultra High-Performance AES-GCM/CTR IP


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  • High performance & low latency core with efficient support for varied network traffic
    • Non-stalling architecture
    • Full & interleaved packets
    • Single cycle packets
    • Unique keys/cycle
  • Standards compliant
    • AES-CTR
  • Customer configurable
  • Scalable architecture
    • 256/512/1024/2048 bits/cycle
    • Up to 2 Terabits per second @ 1GHz
    • Min 7 cyc data latency
    • Up to 64K contexts
  • Encrypt/Decrypt/Bypass
  • 128/256-bit keys
  • Multi-clock domain
    • Host, Secure Key Port, Core
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Description: Ultra High Performance AES-GCM/CTR Core
Name: dwc_ultra_high_perf_aes_gcmctr
Version: 1.00a
Product Type: DesignWare Cores
Toolsets: Qualified Toolsets
Download: dw_iip_DWC_ultra_aes
Product Code: F362-0