Synopsys tRoot Hardware Secure Modules for iSIM

The Synopsys tRoot™ Hardware Secure Modules (HSMs) for iSIM integrate Truphone software to deliver secure mobile connectivity to cellular IoT devices. The Truphone Io3 Platform's remote SIM provisioning service, built to support the GSMA Embedded SIM Specification, offers a suite of intelligent systems to manage iSIM-enabled products throughout their lifecycle. Synopsys’ tRoot HSM for iSIM, combined with Truphone’s Io3 Platform and SIM technology, provide the necessary hardware, software, and services needed to enable mobile network operators and product manufacturers to securely connect and manage devices in worldwide cellular networks.

Synopsys tRoot HSMs with Root of Trust enable connected devices to securely and uniquely identify and authenticate themselves to create secure channels for remote device management and service deployment. tRoot HSMs are designed to easily integrate into SoCs and provide robust hardware-enforced protection while maintaining a high level of performance through cryptographic acceleration. They offer designers options to create solutions with the most efficient combination of power, size and performance. tRoot HSMs provide a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to protect sensitive information and processing and implement security-critical functions such as secure boot, storage, debugging, anti-tampering and key management required throughout the device life cycle.

Truphone’s Io3 platform greatly simplifies how devices connect to mobile networks. Its comprehensive and robust coverage includes multiple network operators for each region and provides access to all network types on demand. Global eSIM and remote SIM provisioning services enable secure, out-of-the-box mobile connectivity for all devices. Io3 is an open ecosystem providing bootstrap connectivity and services to enable seamless installation of any mobile operator profile.

Synopsys tRoot HSM for iSIM Block Diagram
Figure 1: Synopsys tRoot HSM for iSIM Block Diagram

Truphone Demonstrates eSIM Operating System Running on DesignWare tRoot Fx Hardware Secure Module

See how designers can provision any IoT device using Truphone's integrated SIM solution and DesignWare tRoot Fx HSMs. Using Truphone bootstrap connectivity, the demo shows how in-the-field remote device activation is possible for any mobile operator and can remove the logistics and costs associated with physical SIM cards.

Michael Moorfield, Truphone and Rich Collins, Synopsys


  • Migrating from discrete SIM cards to an embedded iSIM solution reduces area, power, and cost
  • Out-of-the-box connectivity using integrated bootstrap code within the HSM
  • Leverages Truphone’s global network by bundling default connectivity profile on each chipset
  • Factory-loaded bootstrap profile enables global connectivity, but not locked to Truphone
  • Device maker chooses: just use at power-on, or for the life of the device
  • Complete pre-integrated & verified HSM solution (hardware and software)
  • Security features matching GSMA, ETSI requirements
  • ARC SEM: best in class PPA, code size