Synopsys tRoot Hardware Secure Modules for Automotive

The ASIL B compliant Synopsys tRoot™ Hardware Secure Module (HSM) for Automotive augments its comprehensive root of trust security solution with a suite of automotive documentation and hardware safety mechanisms to protect against malicious security attacks and random and systematic safety faults.

The tRoot HSM for Automotive includes a broad range of safety mechanisms such as dual-core lockstep, memory ECC, register EDC, parity, watchdog, self-checking comparators, bus and MPU protection, and dual rail logic. It incorporates an ASIL D compliant low-power ARC processor.

The tRoot HSM for Automotive is developed with an ASIL D systematic development flow and designed and assessed for ASIL B random hardware faults. The solution is provided with a complete suite of ISO 26262 documentation, including safety manual, DFMEA/FMEDA/DFA analysis reports, quality manual, and development interface report, making it a fully ASIL compliant solution.

Synopsys tRoot Hardware Secure Module for Automotive Datasheet


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  • ASIL B Compliant tRoot Hardware Secure Module provides the Root of Trust for a system, protects against malicious attacks and prevents random and systematic faults
  • Meets stringent ISO 26262 safety process and documentation requirements (ASIL D systematic grade)
  • Fully programmable solution safeguards against evolving threats with high-grade security
    • Scalable cryptography acceleration from CPU custom instructions, to cryptographic cores with side channel protection
    • NIST compliant TRNG
    • Secure Instruction Controller with side channel protection for secure external memory access and runtime tamper detection
  • Evita Full/Medium/Low support
  • tRoot HSM software includes secure applications SDK, NIST-validated crypto library, SecureShield runtime and DSP libraries, device drivers and reference designs
  • Delivered with development and manufacturing tools
tRoot F022 Hardware Secure Module (w/ ARC EM22FS)STARs Subscribe

Description: tRoot F022 Hardware Secure Module (w/ ARC EM22FS)
Name: dwc_troot_f022_hsm
Version: 4.00a-lca01
ECCN: 5D002.b2/ENC
Product Type: DesignWare Cores
Documentation: Contact Us for More Information
Download: arc_secure_subsystem_fs