Synopsys PUF Base/Premium - Software

The number of connected devices, machines, sensors, or things that are linked with each other over open communication networks on the Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded. Processes are remotely monitored through networks of smart devices. And every device represents a potential entry point for malicious intrusion - into the device itself or the network to which it’s connected.

Hardware-based security is becoming a requirement for securing connected devices, their data, and, by extension, the entire infrastructure with which they communicate. But, hardware-based security shouldn’t be limited to hardware design, confining IoT developers to functions programmed at manufacture. The Synopsys PUF - Software is an embedded solution that democratizes hardware security by uncoupling it from silicon fabrication, ensuring IoT application developers can access, understand, and implement it at scale.

The Synopsys PUF - Software uses the inherently random power-up values of SRAM as a PUF from which a device-unique identity and root key are generated. The root key is never stored and is only available (in volatile memory) when needed. This means the key is never present in persistent memory - even when the chip is powered down - which raises the security significantly and makes the solution very effective against counterfeiting. All Synopsys PUF - Software features are accessed by the host software via the API.

Synopsys PUF Base/Premium - Software – Datasheet


  • Most flexible and scalable PUF-based security solution for new and existing designs
  • Uses standard SRAM as a physical unclonable function (PUF) to create a hardware-based trust anchor which can be installed later in the supply chain, or even retrofitted on deployed devices
  • Offers key provisioning, secure key storage, symmetric and asymmetric key cryptography, and data encryption on the fly
  • Easy and collision-free identification of billions of devices (from various vendors)
  • Contains a NIST SP 800-90A/B-compliant random number generator
  • Keys are never stored but re-created from the PUF each time they are needed, offering stronger protection than traditional key storage in NVM
  • No need for an additional security chip into the device - no Secure Element/TPM needed
  • Seamlessly integrates with other crypto such as Mbed TLS, wolfSSL, and OpenSSL