Synopsys AP PUF Base/Premium

Anything that is connected to the internet is at risk, and connected vehicles are no exception. Every connected electronic component represents a potential entry point for malicious intrusion—into the component itself or onto the network to which it is connected. Root-of-trust (RoT) technology is becoming an essential requirement for components in autonomous vehicles which now need to adhere to the industry standard ISO/SAE 21434 to ensure the vehicle fleet is secure by design.

Synopsys AP PUF is a physical unclonable function (PUF)-based RoT component that can be applied easily to almost any MCU/SoC/ASIC and is fab and process agnostic. This IP has been developed following an ISO 26262 functional-safety-compliant flow and meets the ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) B fault metric. It validates all inputs and critical internal logic through integrity checks and error detection. It continuously asserts that everything runs as intended and flags any observed faults. Additionally, Synopsys AP PUF offers the user hardware and software handholds to check whether all data is correctly transferred to and from the hardware-based PUF.

Just like Synopsys PUF Premium, which was the world’s first RoT IP to receive a SESIP and PSA Certified level 3 certification, Synopsys AP PUF includes substantial protection against both software and hardware attacks to deny adversaries access to any key material or data, even on unmanned autonomous vehicles.

Synopsys AP PUF Base/Premium – Datasheet


  • Proven, mature and certified PUF IP solution
  • Meets the functional safety ISO 26262 ASIL B fault metric
  • Uses standard SRAM power-up values as a PUF and is quantum safe
  • Offers key provisioning, wrapping, and unwrapping to enable secure key storage across the supply chain and for the lifetime of the device
  • Keys are never stored, but re-created from the PUF each time they are needed, offering a higher level of security than traditional key storage in NVM
  • Keys are bound to the device and can only be recreated and accessed on the device they have been created on
  • Integrates easily and scales with all fabs and technology nodes
  • Enables designers to create and store an unlimited number of keys securely in unprotected NVM on or off chip