Vivante Corporation

Vivante Corporation Vivante Corporation offers a comprehensive set of GPU IP solutions for cutting-edge applications in the mobile, consumer, automotive, embedded, real time/mission critical, and home entertainment markets.


Vivante’s product portfolio includes mass market, performance leading technologies in 3D, GPGPU, 2D/CPC and vector graphics. Vivante cores offer robust support in a unified driver architecture for industry-standard application programming interfaces like OpenGL® ES 3.0/2.0/1.1, desktop OpenGL®, OpenCL®, OpenVG®, Microsoft® DirectX® 11, DirectFB, BLTsville™, X Window System, Android HW Composer, Google Renderscript™ and more.

Vivante IP easily integrates into application processors, ASICs, FPGAs or custom products and offers the following features:

  • Extremely low-power microarchitecture for leading mW per MHz
  • Fine-grained hardware and software power management control
  • Dynamic frequency and voltage scaling (DVFS) and clock gating
  • Software-controlled power states with instant-on state control and retention
  • Architecture reduces bandwidth while optimizing full-scene quality and performance
  • Frame buffer compression reduces SoC and memory loading
  • Optimized to work seamlessly with various memory controllers for maximum throughput
ARC-specific Support Details

Vivante is working with Synopsys to make their graphics solutions interoperable with the Synopsys ARC® Processors.

Learn more about how Vivante and Synopsys work together.