Verifore Verifore is a leading design and verification consulting services company specializing in state of the art SoC/FPGA design. It provides total verification solutions including verification planning, testbench development, simulation and coverage closure, as well as expertise in processor design. Verifore was established in 2007 by members of a research department and a configurable processor department of a leading manufacturer.

  • Spec definition, architecture definition including partitioning
  • RTL design
  • Functional verification, unit testing with prototype
  • Tool development for design and verification
  • Firmware development
  • UI development
ARC-specific Support Details

Verifore has experience working with Synopsys ARC®-based designs and Synopsys EDA tools and can provide hardware and software expertise to ARC licensees.

Learn more about how Verifore and Synopsys work together.