Vector Software

Vector Software Vector Software provides dynamic, automated test tools for embedded software applications, and focuses on time-to market, productivity, and software quality. Embedded software testing can be a tedious and labor intensive process. Vector Software's extensive research in software testing provides clients the fundamental tools they need. VectorCAST reduces the test burden placed on individual developers by automating and standardizing application component-level testing. This innovative technology truly represents the next-generation of intelligent test tools.


VectorCAST/C++ is a highly automated unit and integration test solution used by embedded developers to validate safety and business-critical embedded systems. This dynamic test solution is widely used in the avionics, medical device, automotive, industrial controls, railway, and financial industries.

VectorCAST/C++ parses your source code and invokes code generators to automatically create the test code (stubs and drivers) required to construct a complete, executable test harness. Once the test harness is constructed, VectorCAST/C++ can be used to build and execute test cases, show code covered, and report static measurements. Test data is maintained separately from the test harness, enabling easy automatic regression testing. Key features of VectorCAST for C and C++ unit and integration testing include:

  • Complete test-harness construction for C and C++ unit and integration testing – no writing of test code
  • Stub and driver code built automatically
  • Test execution from GUI or scripts
  • Code-coverage analysis with optimization for embedded systems
  • On-target and simulator test execution
  • Code-complexity analysis highlights high risk code
  • Automatic test case generation based on decision paths
  • Test execution playback to assist in debugging Integrated with leading static analysis tools
ARC-specific Support Details

Vector Software supports the Synopsys ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit, including the MetaWare Compiler, with their VectorCAST software.

Learn more about how Vector Software and Synopsys work together.