TASKING is a leading provider of embedded software development tools headquartered in Munich, Germany. TASKING development tools are used by automotive manufacturers and the world's largest Tier 1 supplier to realize high-performance applications in safety-critical areas. These customers and those from adjacent industries, trust TASKING development tools to develop the latest applications while achieving optimum reliability, functional safety, and performance.


TASKING provides a comprehensive set of development tools for ARC® processor-based applications:


  • Eclipse based 64-bit application
  • Supports Infineon TriCore v1.8 and ARC EV7xFS instruction set simulator
  • Includes support for Infineon's AURIX™ TC4xx Virtual Prototype
  • ISO-C/C++ compiler toolset for Infineon TriCore TC v1.8 real-time cores
  • ISO-C/C++ compiler toolset for Infineon TriCore TC v1.8 cyber security real-time module (CSRM)
  • Standard Simulation and Hardware Debugger for Infineon TriCore TC v1.8
  • ISO-C compiler toolset for BOSCH GTM IP v4.1
  • Standard Simulation Debugger for BOSCH GTM

Latest Advancements for Safety

TASKING SmartCode is developed according to Automotive SPICE® Level 2 standards, with TÜV certification according to ISO 26262 up to ASIL D and Security conform according to ISO21434.

ARC-specific Support Details
  • ISO-C/C++ compiler toolset for ARC EV7xFS
  • OpenCL C compiler toolset for ARC EV7xFS
  • ARC nSIM instruction set simulator for ARC EV7xFS
  • Runtime Libraries

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