Soctronics SoCtronics is a customer-focused VLSI design and embedded software services company. Founded in 2003, the company has operating entities in Hyderabad, India and Santa Clara, California. SoCtronics offers complete spec-to-silicon turnkey solutions that include embedded systems and software/firmware co-development. The company has over 500 employees worldwide and is privately owned and operated.

ARC SoC Design Services

SoC/Subsystem Integration – Help customers to quickly assemble their ARC®-based SoC or subsystem using industry-standard bus protocols like AXI, AHB and APB.

SoC or Subsystem Verification – Work closely with customers on verification requirements, prepare verification test plans and execute on the test plans. The verification environment is built using System Verilog and has the capability to integrate VIPs written in Verilog, e-language or System Verilog.

DFT Services – Help customers to plan and execute the SoC or subsystem DFT features such as JTAG, boundary scan, memory BIST and scan/ATPG to meet the test requirements.

FPGA Prototyping (SOC99™) – Design and implement an SoC with a pre-verified ARC processor and AHB bus-compliant peripheral controllers, port it to an FPGA and demonstrate a sample application in under 99 days. SoCtronics carries out all the tasks related to porting the RTL to an FPGA including the simulations.

ARC-based Software Services

SoCtronics conducts firmware development for ARC-based subsystems using Synopsys ARC codecs including the multimedia framework. As part of their firmware development service, SoCtronics develops peripheral drivers as required, integrates hardware accelerators and connects the various components through the framework API.

SoCtronics has expertise on GStreamer (Linux), StageFright (Android), Media Foundation (Windows 7) and Direct Show (Windows) frameworks and integrates ARC codec components/subsystems with a standard multimedia architecture of the host processor/OS. SoCtronics can also provide its optimized OpenMAX IL implementation layer to enable an industry-standard interface for all multimedia functionality.

SoCtronics will develop and customize additional codecs, post-processing and other components that are compliant with Synopsys’ multimedia framework for ARC subsystems if they are not already available with ARC.

In addition, SoCtronics provides Board Support Package (BSP) development / customization services for ARC-based SoCs.

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