Sensory, Inc.

Sensory Sensory, Inc. is focused on improving the user experience in consumer electronics through speech recognition, speech synthesis and other speech and audio technologies. Sensory sells both IC and embedded software solutions.

Founded in 1994, Sensory has put speech recognition into hundreds of millions of products, from hundreds of leading consumer electronics manufacturers including ATT, Hasbro, JVC, Kenwood, Mattel, Motorola, Plantronics, Samsung, Sony, Uniden, and V-Tech. Sensory is also a market leader in voice biometric ICs and speech technologies deployed in Bluetooth™ devices such as car kits and headsets.


Sensory's TrulyHandsfree™ Voice Control technology offers multiple phrase technology that recognizes, analyzes and responds to dozens of keywords. It consistently recognizes phrases even when embedded in sentences and surrounded by noise. Traditional approaches to keyword spotting have failed in high noise and frequently false fire, but TrulyHandsfree™ can have over 95% accuracy without false fires even in high noise and speech. Smartphones, Bluetooth devices and consumer electronics for the home and the car can now offer a TrulyHandsfree™ experience from beginning to end.

TrulyHandsfree™ supports compliance with Section 255 and CVAA accessibility needs for mobile and consumer device usage.

ARC-specific Support Details

TrulyHandsfree™ is available for the Synopsys ARC® 600 Family, ARC AS2xx Audio cores and ARC EMxD cores and subsystems.

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