Sensor Cortek

Sensor Cortek

Sensor Cortek develops state-of-the-art AI-based perception systems enabling reliable understanding of real-world environments. Sensor Cortek uses deep neural networks to develop advanced embedded perception for different applications with a focus on advanced driver-assistance and autonomous vehicles.


Based on its extensive experience and expertise in advanced sensor signal processing, data annotation, convolutional neural networks and embedded systems, Sensor Cortek can provide full-stack solutions to its customers and partner companies.

Sensor Cortek has developed the following embedded software products:

  • AI for Radar: Real-time capture and inference from high-definition radar on low-power architectures.
  • Embedded model for fast and accurate road agent detection from LiDAR using ARC® EV Embedded Vision Processors and DNN Accelerator mid-level sensor fusion for improved perception from LiDAR/radar/camera

ARC-specific Support Details

Sensor Cortek has experience with Synopsys ARC EV Embedded Vision Processors and DNN Accelerator.

Learn more about how Sensor Cortek and Synopsys work together.