Segger Microcontroller


SEGGER Microcontroller GmbH has three decades of experience in Embedded Systems, producing cutting-edge RTOS and Software Libraries, J-Link and J-Trace debug and trace probes, a line of Flasher In-System Programmers and software development tools. The company was founded by Rolf Segger in 1992, is privately held, and is growing steadily. SEGGER also has a U.S. office in the Boston area and branch operations in Silicon Valley, Shanghai and the UK, plus distributors on most continents, making SEGGER’s full product range available worldwide. For more information on SEGGER, please visit

SEGGER's all-in-one solution emPower OS provides an RTOS plus a complete spectrum of software libraries including communication, security, data compression and storage, user interface software and more. Using emPower OS gives developers a head start, benefiting from decades of experience in the industry. SEGGER's professional embedded development software and tools are simple in design, optimized for embedded systems, and support the entire embedded system development process through affordable, high-quality, flexible and easy-to-use tools.


SEGGER's emPower OS is a complete operating system that provides the ideal environment for any developer creating an embedded system or IoT device. It can be adapted to run in resource-constrained, single-chip microcontroller systems without external memory or scaled up for highest performance without unnecessary overhead on application processors (MPUs). This all-in-one easy, cost-effective solution supports any vendor, any chip and any cloud provider making it risk-free to change suppliers and individual hardware platforms.

Meeting all the requirements of a cutting-edge, high-performance operating system, the emPower OS software package includes:

  • Real-time operating system (RTOS)
  • Standard software libraries  / middleware
  • Security algorithms and protocols
  • Connectivity libraries (USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Modbus)
  • User interface & graphic libraries
  • File system & compression algorithms

All software components work together seamlessly, are written in plain C, and can be compiled by any standard ANSI/ISO C compiler.

emPower OS significantly reduces the time required to deliver a product by using robust, well-tested components that simply work. The software components also serve as the solid foundation in SEGGER hardware products, such as the J-Link debug probe, the J-Trace streaming probe and the Flasher family of production programmers.

ARC-specific Support Details

SEGGER emPower OS currently supports the Synopsys ARC® EM4 processor. We can easily port emPower OS to any other ARC processor. Please contact us!

An example project for embOS, the RTOS kernel of emPower OS, is available for download from the SEGGER website here.

This example project was built for the Synopsys MetaWare IDE and is prepared to run on a Digilent Arty A7 eval board containing the ARC EM4 processor. It is prepared for download into internal memory using an HS2 JTAG programmer.

Learn more about how SEGGER and Synopsys work together.