Riscure Riscure is a world leading security lab located in Delft, Netherlands, and San Francisco, USA. Founded in 2001, Riscure provides evaluation services and training to help reinforce the security of products and components ranging from hardware cryptographic engines, large SoCs, boot ROM, to security-enhanced software applications and trusted execution environments. Riscure operates in a multitude of industries such as Premium Content, Conventional and Mobile Payments, IoT, Smart Grids and Automotive. In addition to providing security services Riscure manufactures and sells the test tools for side channel, differential power analysis, and fault injection attacks using power, EM, and precision laser systems.

Riscure’s advanced tools and training, built with the latest analyst and attack expertise, allow our customers to deliver more resistant, inoculated products upfront and help avoid issues. In this way our analysts also get challenged further to stay ahead of the industry and tackle more and more complex security challenges. With continuous cycle of training, testing with tools and advanced security evaluation services, we take out vulnerabilities early in a development process, offer customers more certainty and speed in certification and drive out security risks while in-market. Riscure helps its customers to make devices and technology that provide higher levels of security to end users.

Riscure is an accredited lab for Common Criteria, EMVco, Global Platform, Irdeto, SL3000, Visa Ready, MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, Viaccess, Conax, Nagra, Verimetrix, etc.