Razorcat Development

Razorcat Development Razorcat concentrates on the dynamically growing market of embedded systems development, because increasing numbers of software controlled products are widely used in all domains of life. Since the development cycles become steadily shorter while the customers' expectations raise and errors become much more expensive, automated testing tools like TESSY and CTE are required to achieve the desired level of quality and reliability, especially in safety-critical software development projects.



TESSY automates the whole unit test cycle including regression testing for your embedded software in C/C++ on different target systems. As an easy-to-install, intuitively operated testing tool it guides you through the unit test workflow from the project setup through the test design and execution to the result analysis and reporting. TESSY takes additionally care of the complete test organization as well as the test management, including requirements coverage measurement and traceability.

Features of TESSY Include:

  • Project management feature for defining individual test project structures and environment variables, configuring your desired compiler/debugger
  • Ability to define, link and trace requirements
  • Classification Tree Editor to conduct design test cases
  • Tabular Test Data Editor to edit test data
  • Usercode editor provides flexible editing and allows additional code to be added
  • Coverage Viewer allows detailed analysis of test results
  • Scenario Editor allows users to define scenarios and test components
ARC-specific Support Details

Razorcat’s TESSY tool supports interoperability with the MetaWare Development Toolkit.

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