PRQA For more than 25 years, PRQA has been the leader in defect prevention. Our solutions, designed to work hand-in-hand with developers, promote safe coding practices and proactively ensure the highest quality code for safety-critical and mission-critical systems.


QA•C provides a comprehensive suite of features to help to enforce a wide range of coding standards, and to find bugs in new and legacy code. Use this tool to prevent bugs and to identify coding issues extremely early in the development cycle, including MISRA-C compliance. Key features and benefits of QA•C include:

  • C language proprietary parser, integrated with a sophisticated dataflow engine
  • Identifies coding defects at earlier stages in the development cycle
  • Performs dataflow analysis to catch bugs
  • Improves code reliability, maintainability, portability, re-usability and testability
  • Demonstrates compliance to coding rule sets and coding standards, including MISRA C
  • Provides very precise diagnostic information (and extensive help text) for developers to identify defects, analyze the root causes and implement fixes
  • Offers diagnostics, metrics and visualizations to improve the effectiveness of code reviews
  • Delivers automated code inspection enabling instant, object, repeatable code audits
  • Minimizes false positives, saving time, money and key experienced resources
ARC-specific Support Details

PRQA supports the Synopsys ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit, including the MetaWare Compiler, with their QA•C MISRA-C checking tool.

Learn more about how PRQA and Synopsys work together.