Micro Digital

Micro Digital Micro Digital, Inc., founded in 1975, was one of the first embedded-systems software companies in the market. Starting out as an engineering company providing hardware and software design services to OEMs, Micro Digital has since transitioned into developing embedded software products, providing its customers with the tools they need to develop reliable, cost-effective, embedded products.


GoFast® is a family of IEEE 754 compliant floating point libraries designed for embedded applications. They are fast, reentrant, and ROMable, and may eliminate the need for a hardware floating point processor in an SoC. Much faster than most floating point libraries included with compilers, it is optimized for each processor. Micro Digital can optimize the library for your ARC®-based processor design.

ARC-specific Support Details

Micro Digital can provide optimized GoFast libraries for the ARC 600 processor family and other ARC processors on request.

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