Lauterbach Lauterbach GmbH, founded in 1979, specializes in the design of microprocessor development tools with decades of experience in the field of embedded software design. Lauterbach is an independent and privately owned company with steadfast connections to all key semiconductor manufacturers.

Lauterbach systems are modular, which means that customers can protect their investment and guard against obsolescence. The first generation TRACE32 systems have been compatible with follow up designs for over 20 years. The tools are easily scalable. Initial tools can be purchased to satisfy an immediate need, with the option to buy additional modules later, expanding the tool's capabilities.


TRACE32 is the debugger from Lauterbach. It comes with the universal user interface PowerView running on your PC, MAC or Workstation and the smart debug probe PowerDebug which connects via USB or Ethernet.

The PowerDebug connects via a DebugCable to your target chip via the classic 5-Pin JTAG (IEEE 1149.1) or via the new 2-pin mode IEEE 1149.7 (often called cJTAG). PowerDebug is a smart debug probe, which means that the debug driver software runs inside the probe to react very fast on your CPU.

TRACE32 supports all Synopsys ARC® processors families from Synopsys:

  • ARCv2 architecture: ARC EM Family
  • ARCompact™ architecture: ARC 600 & ARC700 Family, ARCtangent-A5 Family
  • ARCtangent™ 32-bit architecture: ARCtangent-A4 Family

The debugger supports all the powerful common TRACE32 features, such as on-chip breakpoints, unlimited software breakpoints, online memory access, snooping the program counter, RTOS support and multicore debugging. Multicore debugging might be the strongest feature of TRACE32: If you have a SoC containing several Synopsys ARC cores or even other CPUs or DSPs, you can debug all your cores together with only one PowerDebug probel via a single JTAG port.

Especially for ARC TRACE32 supports:

  • Full Actionpoints (Set breakpoints in Flash RAM or set Watchpoints on variables)
  • Hostlink Library (Print messages from your target application directly to your debug GUI with a simple "printf")
  • SmaRT (Use the small real time trace buffer of your ARC, to find out where an exception came from.)

Supported compilers:

  • MetaWare

Supported target real-time kernels and operating system:

  • Linux
  • MQX (Synopsys)
  • ThreadX (Express Logic Inc.)

The PowerView user interface runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and Solaris for both 32-bit and 64-bit machines. PowerView is fully scriptable, which means that any debugging sequence can be reproduced easily a thousand times.

Learn more about how Lauterbach and Synopsys work together.