Gimpel Software LLC


Gimpel Software has been a leading pioneer of static analysis software since the release of the award-winning PC-lint® in 1985. With over 35 years of C and C++ static analysis experience, Gimpel Software is uniquely qualified to deliver a mature solution with a deep understanding of these languages, their architectural patterns, and developer mindset. With a long track record supporting the Embedded Community, the static analysis products developed by Gimpel Software have been trusted by countless developers to find bugs and improve developer productivity in projects of all sizes and across virtually all industries.


PC-lint Plus provides unparalleled analysis capabilities for C and C++ with a rich and fully customizable feature set. In addition to diagnosing a wide variety of software defects, PC-lint Plus can detect inconsistencies in code that developers are likely to misinterpret and can provide clear explanations of how to resolve such issues. PC-lint Plus supports compliance with MISRA, AUTOSAR, CERT C, and BARR standards by diagnosing guideline deviations and is certified for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 streamlining the qualification process for use in safety-critical projects.

PC-lint Plus can be run from the command line or within an IDE and easily integrates into existing build processes scaling efficiently to utilize multiple processing cores to quickly analyze larger projects. A hassle-free 30-day evaluation of PC-lint Plus for Windows, Linux, and macOS is available for immediate download.

ARC-specific Support Details

PC-lint Plus supports automated configuration for the ARC® MetaWare Compiler and integration with the MetaWare IDE ensuring a quick and smooth setup experience.

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