ESPICO ESPICO specializes in the implementation of speech and audio signal processing on a range of licensable cores. Formed in 1999, the company has considerable expertise and a track record in speech and audio codec implementation, including the latest HD audio and VoIP speech codecs. ESPICO offers a range of services from consultancy and training through to full product development.


ESPICO develops off-the-shelf solutions of key algorithms on popular platforms. The implementations feature the most cycle- and memory-efficient requirements available on the market. The audio and speech solutions enable multimedia applications on a wide range of current and upcoming consumer, wireless and communication devices. ESPICO can provide implementations of many audio and speech related software codecs and functions, including MPEG1 & MPEG2, Dolby®, DTS and many other audio related functions.

ARC-specific Support Details

ESPICO has experience developing audio and speech products on the Synopsys ARC® processor cores and can provide this service to ARC licensees and users.

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