Embedded Access, Inc.

Embedded Access, Inc Embedded Access is a world expert in MQX RTOS with over 25 years of experience in developing MQX and supporting MQX users. The company provides pre-verified embedded platforms as well as technical support packages, hands-on training, add-on packages and development services.


Embedded Access offers the following products for the MQX platform:

  • The IoT Reference Platform allows you to quickly port an existing application, or to create a new one, without requiring knowledge of any of the protocols. Whether you’re looking to port an existing application, you’re creating a new one from scratch, or if you simply want a fast and efficient way to evaluate new hardware, the IoT Reference Platform will enable you to rapidly get to the prototyping stage with implemented: custom web pages, data access using the RESTful API, SNMP control using a generated MIB, Telnet to access all IO and application parameters, Lua scripting support, email generation for alarms, and much more.
  • exFAT File System is a small, efficient file system compatible with Microsoft’s exFAT standard. The code is MISRA compliant and OS independent. The performance is optimized for indexing and playing media files, but is well suited to any application that has large files and / or a large number of files using media up to 128 PiB (128 x 250 bytes).
  • SFFS Flash File System is a failsafe flash file system that can support any NOR or NAND flash device. It provides a high degree of reliability and complete protection against unexpected power failure or reset events. SFFS provides wear leveling, bad block handling and ECC algorithms to ensure you get optimal use out of a flash device.
  • EUSB Host is a full featured embedded USB host stack specifically designed for embedded systems. It supports USB Class drivers such as Mass Storage, Communications Device (CDC), Printer, HUB and Human Interface (HID).
  • EUSB Device Stack is an embedded USB device stack specifically designed for embedded systems. It allows developers to easily add USB connectivity to their products enabling plug and play connectivity with PCs and many portable devices. EUSB Device supports many common USB Class implementations such as Mass Storage, CDC and HID.
  • HTTP Web Servers: We offer three embedded web servers, Basic, Standard and Advanced. These options give you the flexibility to keep a small footprint and serve only a few pages or use the page compiler tool and serve many pages with password protection, dynamic content, streaming data and support for cookies.
  • Lua is a powerful but lightweight scripting language that can be embedded into your application. It is written in C and is provided as a library that can easily be added to your project. Lua combines simple procedural syntax with powerful data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics.
Engineering Services

Development services are available to provide full applications, Board Support Packages for custom hardware, driver development, porting of legacy application code, and integration with third party packages.

MQX Training Classes

Onsite training classes that provide in-depth coverage of the MQX API and how to customize MQX are available. Classes use hands-on labs to reinforce the presented material. Consultation time can also be included to discuss key aspects of your project such as application architecture, timing-critical functions or adding on a boot loader.

Technical Support

Technical support can be provided on either an annual or short-term basis. Support includes phone and email communication with an MQX expert. WebEx can be utilized, as well, when it is impractical to remotely replicate your environment or test case.

ARC-specific Support Details

Embedded Access supports MQX on Synopsys ARC® cores.

Learn more about how Embedded Access and Synopsys work together.