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EB tresos – Classic AUTOSAR

The EB tresos product line consists of:

Classic AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) – The industry-leading implementation of AUTOSAR- compliant basic software for automotive ECUs.

The EB tresos basic software modules ensure the ECU’s basic operation. The implementation follows the consistent approach of hardware abstraction as defined by the AUTOSAR standards and includes fundamental standard services such as communication, diagnostic services as well as memory and mode management.

Classic AUTOSAR Operating System – Operating systems within the EB tresos product line. Depending on your Basic Software or your Functional Safety Software, we offer different operating systems.

EB tresos Safety OS - EB tresos Safety OS is designed and developed for safety-related projects up to ASIL D/SIL 3. It offers powerful safety features to provide a safe execution environment for mixed ASIL applications.

EB tresos AutoCore OS – EB tresos AutoCore OS is an embedded real-time operating system that implements the latest AUTOSAR standard and all its scalability classes, including memory protection. It is available in single-core and multi-core versions. To reduce the memory footprint and CPU run time, the OS can be optimized at source level to remove all OS components that are not used in the given configuration. The code generation can be triggered from the graphical configurator EB tresos Studio and the command line to allow incorporation into existing build environments.

EB tresos OsekCore OS – This is our OSEK/VDX-compliant embedded real-time operating system for small applications such as bootloader or non-AUTOSAR projects. It perfectly fits to small 8- and 16-bit microcontrollers.

Classic AUTOSAR Tooling – EB tresos Studio. The best-in-class AUTOSAR tooling provides complete ECU basic software configuration and integration in one single environment.

Rely on a consistent, single-tool environment for electronic control unit (ECU) development with AUTOSAR. EB tresos Studio lets you configure, validate, and generate your ECU basic software (BSW). EB tresos Studio is the tool environment for our EB tresos AutoCore and EB tresos OsekCore. With its importer and generator interfaces, the tool fits perfectly into the AUTOSAR workflow and can be seamlessly integrated into existing toolchains. This allows the integration of company-specific basic software modules and legacy software components.

EB tresos Bootloader – Grants an update of the application software according to OEM specific requirements.

Software residing on ECUs needs to be regularly updated not only during development but also after production and throughout the vehicle’s lifetime. EB tresos Bootloader enables car makers to securely update the software of Classic AUTOSAR & OSEK ECUs inside a vehicle using a downloading tool, which is connected via a communication bus (Ethernet, CAN, LIN, FlexRay) to the vehicle using the standardized UDS protocol from ISO 14229. This allows car makers to easily update the ECU during software development and add additional features for the application while reducing costs and efforts. EB delivers a fully integrated and tested EB tresos Bootloader that includes a demo configuration on the project hardware/compiler. When ordered, features of the EB tresos Bootloader such as memory mapping and communication identifiers are configured according to project requirements. This enables car makers to execute a complete programming sequence to download an application demo software on delivery of the product.

EB tresos Hypervisor – Hypervisor for bare-metal applications or operating systems with Classic AUTOSAR stack.

Our EB tresos product line and our customized Classic AUTOSAR solutions help to deliver state-of-the-art software, which address each carmaker’s specific requirements. For each project, we offer the right solution to fit your needs, starting from OSEK-/VDX-compliant basic software up to multi-core and functional safety systems based on Classic AUTOSAR.

Learn more about EB tresos. Free EB tresos evaluations are available here.

ARC-specific Support Details

To accelerate early software development, Elektrobit supplies Classic AUTOSAR to the ARC EM Software Development Platform and the ARC HS4x/4xD Development Kit. A Microcontroller Abstraction Layer (MCAL), which abstracts the hardware devices, is available for each platform, allowing engineers to begin software development immediately. The ARC Functional Safety processor IP is developed based on the ISO 9001 certified Quality Management System (QMS) for Synopsys DesignWare IP supporting additional automotive quality requirements.

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