Founded in 2014, Cycuity is a cybersecurity company that provides industry-leading solutions to address security vulnerabilities overlooked in today’s systems. Cycuity’s innovative hardware security verification platform, Radix-S™ enables security teams to identify and prevent exploits in system-on-chip (SoC) designs that are otherwise undetectable using current methods of security review.



Radix-S, the first product in Cycuity’s Radix™ series of security solutions, is a hardware security verification framework designed to identify system-level vulnerabilities embedded in hardware roots of trust (HRoT). A hardware root of trust is a minimum set of hardware and software that is trusted to provide security functions such as key management, device identity authentication and run-time monitoring of the system. However, compromises in the root of trust can leave an entire SoC design susceptible to devastating exploits.

Radix-S scans a system’s hardware and software during the pre-silicon design and verification stages, allowing design engineers to identify and prevent security vulnerabilities such as:

  • Unprivileged access to customer proprietary or confidential data
  • Unauthorized access to keys used to sign and authenticate boot images
  • Side channel leakages of critical customer information
  • System-level compromises arising from system-on-chip misconfigurations
  • Undetected system architecture security gaps

The industry is rapidly seeing a need for hardware root of trust protection in markets such as the internet of things (IoT), automotive and datacenters.

ARC-specific Support Details

Made available with a set of security threat models, Cycuity’s Radix-S platform has been specifically optimized for Synopsys ARC® Processors. Radix-S supplements the IP’s existing design suite with technology that can analyze SoCs to identify vulnerabilities that may have been introduced during the integration and programming of an ARC processor-based system, effectively reducing the risk of security exploits reaching the field.

Learn more about how Cycuity and Synopsys work together.

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