Bullseye Testing Technology

Bullseye Testing Technology Bullseye Testing Technology is a leading software developer of code coverage testing tools. Founded in 1990, Bullseye Testing Technology is a privately owned company located in Redmond, Washington, USA.

Bullseye is solely focused on code coverage analysis to deliver a specialized solution for software developers and testers working on mission-critical systems running on Windows, Linux, and embedded devices.


BullseyeCoverage is a code coverage analyzer for C++ and C that tells you how much of your source code was tested. You can use this information to quickly focus your testing effort and pinpoint areas that need to be reviewed. Code coverage analysis is useful during unit testing, integration testing, and final release. BullseyeCoverage enables you to create more reliable code and save time.

  • Function coverage gives you a quick overview and condition/decision coverage gives you high precision
  • Works with everything you can write in C++ and C, including system-level and kernel mode
  • Short learning curve
  • Include or exclude any portion of your project code
  • Run-time source code included, for custom environments
  • Simple licensing
  • Merge results from distributed testing
  • Integration with Microsoft Visual Studio
ARC-specific Support Details

BullseyeCoverage is compatible with the Synopsys ARC® MetaWare Development Toolkit.

Learn more about how Bullseye and Synopsys work together.