Blunk Microsystems

Blunk Microsystems For over seventeen years, Blunk Microsystems has been providing leading-edge embedded software with a focus on software for high-performance systems that use 32-bit processors. In addition to an extensive line of embedded file systems that are widely used in applications such as mobile phones, industrial controllers, satellites and routers, Blunk has a broad portfolio of products including an RTOS, IPv6 Ready TCP/IP stack, embedded web server, an integrated GNU-based development environment and board support packages.


Blunk Microsystems supports the Synopsys ARC® architecture with the following products:

  • TargetFAT - Windows/DOS compatibility
  • TargetXFS - UNIX-like file system with full POSIX/Standard C API
  • LiteFS-NOR - best of class on a budget
ARC-specific Support Details

Blunk maintains optimized ports of these products for the ARC 600 Family and provides source code, build files and documentation for a turnkey product. The highly portable software can be ported to other ARC cores as well.

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