Alango Technologies

Alango Technologies

Alango Technologies is a spin-off of Alango Ltd., founded to deal exclusively with front-end digital signal processing technologies for acoustic signals. Today Alango Technologies improves the quality of voice communication in both mobile and stationary environments. Examples include such technologies as Adaptive Dual Microphone, Acoustic Echo Cancellation, Speech Enhancement, Noise Suppression, Automatic Volume & Equalization Control, Intelligent Speech Mixer, Packet Loss Concealment, Acoustic Feedback Reduction and others.

Alango Technologies have licensed implementation of its technologies and solutions to a variety of different applications such as mobile phone reference designs, VoIP chipset reference designs, videoconferencing systems, automotive and aviation industries.


Voice Communication Package (VCP) is a universal software package of digital signal processing technologies for voice applications enabling high quality, full duplex, noise free communication from various environments. Users of mobile phones, hands-free car kits, Bluetooth headsets, industrial intercoms and other types of voice terminals will all benefit from VCP quality. VCP enabled devices can be used in different scenarios and modes:

  • Vehicle-mounted applications in which a hands-free terminal is mounted inside a car (e.g. hands-free car kit); cars of different types are supported with either car built-in or dedicated speaker(s) used.
  • Hand-held applications in which a hands-free terminal is held at the arm's length and the internal loudspeaker is used (e.g. mobile speakerphone);
  • Desktop applications in which a hands-free terminal is laying on a desktop surface and the internal loudspeaker is used (e.g. office speakerphone);
  • Stationary applications where a hands-free terminal is mounted in a stationary device with its own loudspeaker(s) (e.g. portable speakerphone);
  • Hand-held applications in which a terminal is held in hand near speaker's ear and mouth (e.g. mobile phone or handset);
  • Headset applications, in which a terminal is placed on speaker's ear (e.g. Bluetooth headsets)

VCP includes a number of signal processing components. Basic VCP version includes components required by virtually all voice communication devices. Add-on components provide the user with additional benefits and can be enabled or disabled depending on the required functionality and available DSP resources.

ARC-specific Support Details

The basic Voice Communication Package has been ported to the Synopsys ARC® 6xx family.

Learn more about how Alango and Synopsys work together.

Alango and Synopsys: Partnering for Success

Alango provides real-time software DSP technologies optimized for ARC processors that give SoC designers an ideal low-power solution enabling superior voice activation, recognition and control capabilities in their products. Download Alango's ARC Summit 2017 presentation to learn more: