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Synopsys' MetaWare® C/C++ Debugger delivers a highly-detailed look at how software functions on a microprocessor core. The tool allows engineers to carefully examine every individual piece of code and evaluate the translation from source-level code to assembly code. The graphical interface presents several views of the design, measuring performance for the current, previous and past states of the system, which allows designers to see how modifications to code will impact performance. This tool has been optimized specifically for use alongside the MetaWare C/C++ Compiler, and all other Synopsys development tools.

The MetaWare Debugger, employed in conjunction with a compiler such as the MetaWare Compiler, examines the translation from source-level code to assembly code and acts as a virtual microscope that you can use to zoom in on individual pieces of code in either hardware or software components.

The MetaWare Debugger's graphical interface allows you to track multiple views of current, previous and past system states. This gives you the ability to easily see how code modifications will improve or impair overall performance. The debugger is also DesignWare ARC MQX™ RTOS-aware, displaying instructions in a separate OS window.

Designers implementing a processor core with DSP extensions may also use the Signal Visualization Tool, a plug-in feature of the ARC debugger device. This module displays performance data for signal-processing algorithms in the design, allowing you to attain the best DSP performance.

The MetaWare C/C++ Debugger has been designed to complement other products in the Synopsys suite of development tools. Synopsys offers a complete line of tools, covering every stage of the design process. While other companies may also offer a broad line of development products, many use third-party tools to round out their product line, and these tools may not always be completely compatible. Because Synopsys' development tool applications have all been developed and used internally, they have all been engineered specifically for flawless interaction as code is designed, tested, compiled and examined.

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  • Detailed analysis of software performance allows designers to find and correct coding problems
  • Graphical interface is easy and fast to master
  • Optimized for use with other Synopsys development tools