Synopsys Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C)

The Synopsys Inter Integrated Circuit (I2C) product is compliant to the industry standard I2C bus protocol and is available in multiple configurations to best match the user's application. It also has an AMBA® APB bus-compliant interface.

The I2C operation is controlled by software via the APB bus interface. For example, control registers are available to select the target address, 7-bit or 10-bit addressing mode and controller or target mode. Status registers provide internal status information, such as FIFO levels, level of I2C bus lines and interrupt status.

For power optimization, the device has two fully independent clocks: the APB clock for accessing control and status registers and the I2C controller clock (IP clock) for the main I2C function and the I2C clock generation. The APB clock may be switched off for low power operation.

Synopsys IP Solutions for the AMBA Interconnect


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Key Benefits:

  • Low cost (2 wire) communication link
  • Low level device driver included
  • Industry standard interfaces (AMBA® APB)
  • Area efficient solution
  • All available configurations in a single bundle

I2C Supported Functions:

  • AMBA APB compliant bus interface
  • Standard I2C compliant bus interface
  • Multiple receive and transmit FIFO depths available, see Table 1 below
  • Controller-transmitter, Controller-receiver, Target-transmitter and Target-receiver device
  • Operation on two fully independent clock domains
    • APB bus clock domain for accessing control and status registers
    • IP clock domain for the main I2C function and I2C clock generation
  • I2C specifics:
    • I2C frequencies up to 1MHz (covers Standard, Fast and Fast-mode Plus)
    • Fast-mode Plus supported when the IP clock frequency is at least 10MHz
    • Compatible with 7-bit addressing and with 10-bit addressing
    • Multi-controller functionality supported
    • Digital deglitch filter to improve noise immunity

Sample Applications:

  • EEPROMS: Access to I2C EEPROMs
  • Displays: Controlling displays, e.g. in portable devices
  • Speakers: Controlling sound volume in intelligent speakers
  • Sensors: Accessing temperature sensors in a system
  • Multimedia Applications: Typically used in multimedia applications where RF tuners, video decoders and encoders are included
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