The coreConsultant utility is part of the complete set of IP reuse tools available from Synopsys. coreConsultant provides a graphical or command environment that guides the user through the installation, configuration, verification, and implementation of the core packaged with coreBuilder. No License is required to run coreConsultant.


  • Intuitive graphical or script-based environment
  • Guides the IP integrator through valid error-free configurations of the IP
  • Guides the IP integrator through the verification of the core
  • Includes built-in interfaces to Synopsys tools including:
    • Design Compiler™
    • Physical Compiler™
    • Power Compiler™
    • PrimeTime®
    • Formality®
    • VCS™
    • TetraMAX®
    • Synplify® Premier
  • Optional verification of the IP Cores configuration when test-files are packaged with the core.
  • Automatic generation of IP-XACT XML