Founded in 1994, ETAS GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, represented in twelve countries in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. ETAS’ portfolio includes vehicle basic software, middleware, development tools, cloud-based operations services, cybersecurity solutions, and end-to-end engineering and consulting services for the realization of software-defined vehicles. Our product solutions and services enable vehicle manufacturers and suppliers to develop, operate, and secure differentiating vehicle software with increased efficiency. For more information on ETAS’ AUTOSAR solutions, visit us on



For Tier 1 professionals focused on µC based ECUs, the ETAS AUTOSAR Classic solution RTA-CAR stands out as a highly optimized stack with an impressively low memory footprint. Paired with the most high-performing AUTOSAR operating system available, RTA-CAR enables ETAS customers to choose targets with reduced hardware requirements, leading to substantial cost savings on every ECU produced.

RTA-CAR includes the following basic software modules and tools for the development of ECU software:

Basic Software (RTA-BSW)

For OEMs and Tier1s who are implementing AUTOSAR base software in complex automotive systems needing customizable and cost effective generic base software, ETAS offers the state-of-the-art RTA-BSW which is interoperable and scalable across ECUs which streamlines the integration across diverse applications fostering efficiency and consistency in the automotive industry. The modular and standardized nature of RTA-BSW based on industry standards and regulatory requirements offers efficient trouble shooting processes during development and in the field.

Operating System (RTA-OS)

For Tier 1’s and OEM’s who require an AUTOSAR Classic OS, RTA-OS offers a class leading memory footprint and runtime performance. This means that smaller, lower cost hardware can be used, as the impact to OEM software is minimal. Unlike other AUTOSAR Classic OS’s, RTA-OS reduces stack space requirements by over 50% through the use of our patented single stack implementation.

Runtime Environment (RTA-RTE)

For Tier 1’s and OEM’s working with AUTOSAR Classic, RTA-RTE provides a reliable runtime layer for their AUTOSAR-compliant ECU software. RTA-RTE is compatible with numerous types of compiler-and target-hardware, allowing it to be used in many different ECU platforms. Furthermore, RTA-RTE generates an optimised runtime environment for the specific AUTOSAR configuration given to it, resulting in an uplift in performance.

Flash Bootloader (RTA-FBL)

For Tier 1’s looking to integrate an AUTOSAR compliant bootloader, RTA-FBL offers a solution that is already compatible with several OEM’s. RTA-FBL provides an ‘easy-to-use’ GUI interface to allow quick configuration of the bootloader within ETAS’ ISOLAR-B front-end, which helps to integrate with existing development workflows.


For Tier 1’s and OEM’s who focus to collaboratively develop ECU software for vehicle integration, ETAS’ AUTOSAR Classic product ISOLAR-A/B provides a vehicle-level development and validation experience, which additionally enables Tier 1 ECU suppliers to generate ECU software seamlessly and highly automatically. Unlike other tools, ISOLAR-A/B enables roundtrip development experiences, from vehicle down to ECU levels, and vice versa, e.g. for (iterative) updates of projects, thereby saving OEM’s and/or Tier 1’s time and cost.

Microcontroller Abstraction Layers (MCAL)

For Automotive manufacturers and suppliers who are seeking a comprehensive solution, ETAS’ Base Software and tools coupled with expert engineering services for MCAL, provides a complete end-to end solution. Leveraging ETAS’ tailored MCAL services allows customised solutions, seamless integration, enhanced development efficiency, and quicker time to market.

Hardware Security Module (ESCRYPT CycurHSM)

For Tier 1’s and OEM’s looking to protect their ECU’s, the ESCRYPT CycurHSM offering provides a complete Hardware Security Module (HSM) firmware. The HSM firmware provides numerous cryptographic, analysis, and OEM specific functions on a wide range of hardware.

ARC-specific Support Details

ETAS’ AUTOSAR Classic Operating System (RTA-OS) has support for the ARC platform. Specifically, both the Synopsys ARC® EM6 core, and the ARC EM22FS safety core are supported. The EM22FS safety core is supported in both single core and multi-core configurations.

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