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USB 3.1: Evolution and Revolution

USB-IF Worldwide Developers Days introduced developers to the new USB 3.1 specification. On the surface, USB 3.1 seems like it could be only an update to 10G speeds, but this white paper will dig deeper into 10G USB 3.1 to clarify the evolutionary and revolutionary changes in the USB 3.1 specification. USB 3.1 introduces a new 10 Gbps signaling rate in addition to the 5 Gbps signaling rate defined in the USB 3.0 specification.

USB 3.1 is the USB Promoter’s Group answer to the growing consumer demand and expectation that data transfers should happen almost instantaneously. This white paper:

  • Describes the USB 3.1 nomenclature
  • Highlights the features and change in the USB 3.1 specification, including enhancements to the USB 3.1 Hub
  • Explains why USB 3.1 is important to consumers through specific use cases
  • Concludes with considerations for third-party USB 3.1 IP

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