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Securing Smart Connected Homes with OTP NVM IP

The market for piracy is huge and hackers have become increasingly sophisticated even when security is implemented in hardware. The race between the aggressors and protectors is a battle without end. Smart connected home devices are increasingly storing and processing very sensitive and private user data in addition to attempting to deliver copyright protected content from service providers. Protecting consumer data is vital. The semiconductor industry has converged on the idea of Root of Trust to secure and authenticate home IOT devices. Secure antifuse-based OTP NVM is central to implementing the Root of Trust. Embellishing the OTP NVM with advanced security features further protects the valuable assets of the smart home device maker and consumers. The reputation of companies providing home IOT devices and services is on the line. Today, security drives product design decisions. OTP NVM based on antifuse technology and enhanced with security features delivers on the promise of attack resistance and has become the choice of this market segment and many others including applications targeting the mobile, military-aerospace, and automotive markets.

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