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Data Converter IP for Automotive SoCs

Automotive applications place demanding requirements on IP designers and SoC integrators to meet all mandated reliability and functional safety requirements. A good understanding of such requirements and how to efficiently implement them in the SoC enables integrators to break down the challenges into manageable pieces while leveraging the characteristics (and qualification) of the integrated IP to achieve automotive qualification and accelerate time-to-market in the context of analog sensor interfaces. Alternative ways of achieving functional safety goals while using functional blocks such as data converters, where implementation of internal safety features may be impossible or undesirable, help achieve system-level functional safety goals.

This whitepaper describes efficient and optimized procedures to meet automotive requirements by judicious partitioning of the functional safety requirements between the IP, such as data converters, and the SoC functional blocks that include the IP. The paper also describes the required set of reliability and safety features and tests that the IP must meet.

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