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Verification and Validation of Automotive Safety Element out of Context

With the increased use of electronics and software in the automotive systems, there are strict requirements for complex functions to perform safely and avoid causing damages to life and property in case of a failure. With the technology getting more complex, there are increasing risks from systematic failures and random hardware failures that need to be considered within the scope of functional safety development. Standards like ISO 26262 provide guidance to mitigate such safety related risks, by defining appropriate requirements, processes, and methods that are applicable during the implementation, verification and validation phases of safety lifecycle.

Developing the automotive products in a tiered approach has been prevalent in the industry for quite some time. From the auto manufacturers who form the top tier all the way to the developers of Intellectual Property (IP) blocks further in the tier, and developing the Safety Elements out of Context (SEooC) from the lower tiers has been widespread and described in the ISO 26262[2] standard. In this paper the authors share some key aspects of the Verification and Validation (V&V) activities in an SEooC based functional safety project and share insights on the expectations and outcome from these activities to the higher tiers such as subsystems or systems.

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