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ARC HS38: Single- and Multicore CPUs for High-Speed Linux Processing on an Embedded Budget (A White Paper from The Linley Group)

Designers of performance-intensive, embedded SoCs running Linux or other virtual-memory operating systems must address increasing performance requirements with power budgets that are often constant or shrinking. Available processors that offer the needed performance often draw too much power, while processors that fit within the power budget lack the necessary performance. The DesignWare® ARC® HS38 multicore processor is designed specifically for embedded Linux applications and enables chip designers to create single-, dual- or quad-core configurations with an MMU and fast L2 cache. Read this white paper to learn about the ARC HS processor architecture features and new features in the ARC HS38 processor.


  1. Overview of the ARC HS Family
  2. Background: ARC HS Architectural Features
  3. The ARC HS Family’s High-Performance Pipeline
  4. More ARC HS Performance-Oriented Features
  5. Easier Development and Verification
  6. Multicore SMP
  7. L2 Cache
  8. Memory Management Unit
  9. Enhanced Context Switching
  10. Multiple Power Domains
  11. Competitive Comparisons
  12. Summary of the ARC HS Family

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