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Holistic Verification and Validation of Automotive IP for Functional Safety SoCs

Automotive functional safety systems have strict requirements to help avoid damages to life and property in case of a failure. As technology becomes more complex, there are increasing safety-related risks from systematic failures and random hardware failures that must be considered during product development. Standards like ISO 26262 provide guidance to mitigate such safety-related risks, by defining appropriate requirements, processes, and methods that are applicable during the implementation and verification phases of safety product.

Implementation and verification are standard practices in the development of any product, however, since automotive electronic systems include safety and non-safety products, designers must consider both verification and validation practices as it relates to safety and non-safety (QM) product development flows. This white paper illustrates a holistic approach to verification and validation of automotive IP for functional safety products and how such a holistic approach eliminates costly iterations and shortens design schedules.

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