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Aligning Automotive Safety Requirements Between IP and SoCs

Today’s SoCs for automotive safety-related systems integrate numerous IP blocks. At the system level, the Hardware Software Interface (HSI) between these IP blocks needs to be verified in simulation and validated in prototype. However, the scaling of the scope and effort to verify or validate is not linear based on the growing complexity of SoCs and their components such as IP. Depending on the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) of the application, it is necessary to ensure that any fault in a safety-related logic in hardware is detected either by hardware or software or both, before it translates into a failure. While the IP blocks that are internal to the SoC have an independent set of safety-related logic and their associated work-products, the safety concepts and metrics of these independent components need to merge with the hierarchies of the various IP blocks in the SoC, constituting a safety integration. The SoC implementors require work-products or documents that describe safety-related features, as deliverables from the IP providers. This white paper explains how automotive IP developers need to implement safety standards to make safety integration easier at the SoC level.

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