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Synopsys Ultra High-Performance AES-XTS/ECB IP Core

Synopsys offers two high-performance configurable AES-XTS/ECB IP cores to give customers options to configure and tune the optimal solution for their application.

The Synopsys Ultra High-Performance AES-XTS/ECB Cores are based on a pipelined architecture that allows the performance to scale efficiently to Tbps throughput for various data traffic patterns, while keeping the latency and area as low as possible even for multiple cryptographic contexts in flight, and to achieve high operating frequencies in advanced process nodes.

In addition to being standards-compliant, Synopsys Ultra High-Performance AES-XTS/ECB Cores support encryption and decryption for all key sizes, allow for seamless context switching for a high number of contexts, support efficient keys setup/refresh, and are FIPS 140-3 certification ready.

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