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The DesignWare® UFS Host Controller IP is a standard based serial interface engine for implementing a JEDEC UFS interface in compliance with the JEDEC UFS Architecture Specification (UFS) and the JEDEC UFS Host Controller Specification (UFSHCI). The DesignWare MIPI® UFS Host Controller is a high-performance interface that is primarily used in mobile devices where data is stored on non-volatile mass storage memory devices. The UFS Host Controller integrates the UFS host controller application layer with a pre-configured DesignWare MIPI UniPro protocol stack that is optimized for UFS host applications.

When combined with the multi-gear DesignWare MIPI M-PHY IP, Synopsys provides a single vendor MIPI IP solution, enabling designers to easily integrate the UFS Host implementation in application processors with less risk, while speeding time-to-market.

DesignWare MIPI Complete Solution Datasheet
DesignWare MIPI UFS Host Controller Datasheet

Synopsys Demonstrates DesignWare UFS Host and MIPI UniPro IP Interoperability
Synopsys plays a key role in supporting the mobile ecosystem by delivering high-quality, interoperable MIPI IP solutions that enable designers to deploy new features into their next-generation mobile devices, as demonstrated at Mobile World Congress 2014. This demonstration showcases the DesignWare® UFS Host and MIPI UniPro IP solutions proven system-level interoperability.

Hezi Saar
Product Marketing Manager for MIPI IP
Philippe Borges
Field Applications Engineer

  • UFS host solution compliant with JEDEC Universal Flash Storage (UFS) v2.0
  • Compliant with JEDEC UFS host controller interface specification v2.0
  • Delivered as UFS host application layer integrated with UniPro controller, compliant with MIPI Alliance UniPro specification version 1.60
  • Manages UFS protocol between host and external UFS device
  • Single traffic class
  • Supports M-PHY v3.1 and access to M-PHY attributes
  • Supports multiple lanes in HS-Gear3
  • Low-power operation, small area, and low latency
  • Enables power gating, use of UPF flow and auto hibernate feature for efficient power reduction
  • Enables maximized DMA throughput
  • Pre-configured for up to 32 task requests and up to 8 task management requests
  • Ability to perform commands without system host intervention
  • Support for the full range of UPIU packets, from 32 byte to 64 kB
  • Efficient interface for system host programming access and DMA controlled data transfer
  • Configured as AXI or OCP interface as System bus
  • Fully synchronous synthesizable RTL
  • Clock gating-ready design and DFT ready
  • High-performance and reliable connection to a UFS device with DesignWare MIPI M-PHY IP
  • Direct support for a UniPro-compliant link layer
  • Power gating and use of UPF flow
  • Auto-hibernate support
  • Hardware prototyping system available
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  Version 1.30a
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