ARC Processor Summit Proceedings

Presentation - Effective DSP Programming for IoT with the MetaWare Development Toolkit

This session will describe the different DSP programming models available with the ARC MetaWare Development Toolkit to develop applications for the power efficient and feature-rich EM DSP processors used for IoT devices. The MetaWare compiler provides portable and flexible programming models to ease DSP development and maximize application performance. This session will go in the details of compiler support for ARCv2DSP ISA code generation, guided and auto-vectorization optimizations, fixed-point math primitives API, native fixed point data types along with code examples. It will also highlight the rich DSP Library available that allows algorithms to be constructed from standard DSP building blocks and an ITU-T base-ops library for developing very efficient voice codecs.
Mark Schimmel, Software Engineer, Synopsys

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