ARC Processor Summit Proceedings

Addressing the Challenges of Always-on IoT with Efficient Processors for Machine Learning

The ARC EM DSP processors are extremely well-suited for performing machine learning inference in always-on IoT devices. Smart IoT devices increasingly offer always-on features to allow advanced user control. For example, they can be always-listening to allow control through voice commands, or always-watching to support system wake-up by means of a face trigger. Such always-on functions often employ machine learning techniques for recognizing voice commands, faces, etc. A key requirement for implementing such functions is a very low power consumption, as battery lifetime is key for the always-on capability. In this presentation we discuss the key features of the ARC EM DSP processors that enable efficient machine learning inference. We then show how excellent results, in terms of low MHz requirements, small code size and low power consumption, are achieved for voice trigger and face trigger applications.
Pieter van der Wolf, Principal Product Architect, Synopsys

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