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Personalize the In-Cabin Experience with Face Recognition and Inference of Driver Emotional States

Cars are more than just transportation - they provide entertainment, communication, convenience, and more. The ideal in-cabin experience is personalized to each occupant in the car to enhance aesthetics and entertainment as well as safety and automotive performance. Offering personalized experiences gives car manufacturers a way to differentiate their products from other options in the market. In this presentation, we will discuss how designers and system architects can enhance in-cabin personalization with face recognition, micro radar, iris scanning, and other sensor fusion technologies to implement, for example, driver drowsiness alerts. We will explain how driver and passenger recognition can be the key enabler for personalization targets, and how to provide this functionality with limited impact on power and area. Finally, we will explore the types of CNN networks available for recognizing actions/expressions and how recognition can provide semantic context.
Vinay M K, Co-founder and Vice President, PathPartner

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