ARC nSIM Free Download

Synopsys ARC® nSIM Free is a free version of the Synopsys ARC nSIM Instruction Set Simulator. ARC nSIM provides an instruction accurate processor model for the ARC processor families, enabling an early start to software development before hardware is available. It also delivers increased efficiency through enhanced visibility and control.

ARC nSIM Free is intended for developers working on the ARC Linux kernel and the ARC gcc compiler that must make sure that generic changes made to projects do not break the supported architectures. It can be integrated into existing regression test suites to ensure the integrity of the ARC architecture in upstream projects.

ARC nSIM Free is a version of the ARC nSIM with limitations, including the following:

  • Runs on Linux hosts only
  • No JIT mode (for very fast simulation speeds)
  • No Near Cycle Accurate Mode (NCAM)
  • No SystemC support
  • Provided as an 'nsimdrv' binary that can only be used stand-alone or with GDB, and not with the ARC MetaWare Debugger

The downloadable version of nSIM Free is v2023.06.

More information on the full product can be found here.

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